Top ten wedding tips

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Are you going be someone's life partner then you must read these details?

1. Go for Wedding planning services: Wedding planners make your work easier and manage your Big-day smoothly. The wedding is something that is very special for both families, no one wants to miss that family fun.

floral decoration

2. Theme based wedding: Theme wedding is on trend which makes your wedding more auspicious and looks great on your standard.

3. Grab the Budget: Budget is the most important part of the wedding, ask your friends to suggest some good wedding planners ( or vendors make your Big-day special in the given budget.

4. Select your guest list: Choose your guests adds to your wedding budget, making list early will help you in better catering and decor within the rates, per plate budget is costly when it comes to wedding.

5. Choose your venue nearby: Venue should be comfort for all the guests who will gather in the wedding, if the function is on 11 am they should be comfortably attending the function.

banquet hall

6. Select your wedding attire: Wedding photos are for life long period and precious too, select comfortable attire it becomes hard for the bride and groom to sit for long time.

7. Arrange for transport: Pickup and drop is really a headache, so make a pick up and drop point which will be easy.

8. Appoint makeup and hair look artist: Perfect look and attire makes a complete couple ready for wedding, there is no second chance of having those pictures again in life.

9. Wedding games: List of games by wedding planners in Delhi.

· Freeze frame

· Passing the parcel

· Paper dance

· Dumb charades

· Karaoke

catering services

10. Assemble and distribute wedding gifts: Select your gifts wisely and make list of it, so that these little expenses might not affect the decor or the catering services.

Don’t forget what’s most important for you.

It’s your Big-day and these arrangements can stuck you somewhere so choose firstweddingplanning services in Delhi.

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